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Summary of Armed Clashes: Shellings by armed groups, Dec. 27

Shellings by armed groups in Syria’s provinces of Damascus, Aleppo, Hama and Latakia were registered over the last 24 hours killing at least 13 civilians and wounding more than 26 others.

In the province of Damascus, groups affiliating themselves with the opposition to the Jaysh al-Islam grouping, shelled from mortars and firearms the settlements of Jaubar, Arbin, Buzayna, Barza and Haush Nasri, Duma and al-Abbasiyyin Stadium, al-Wafideen camp and a motorway near the settlement of Harasta.

Groups of the terrorist organization Jebhat Fath al-Sham used multiple rocket launcher systems, mortars and firearms to shell the settlement of Ashrafiya, ‘1070’, ‘3000’, Dahiyat al-Asad, az-Zahra in the province of Aleppo.

In the province of Hama ― settlements of Suran and in the province of Latakia terrorists also shelled the settlements of Ikko.

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