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Syrian Opposition Welcomes the Attempts to Reach an Agreement on Syria

According to Reuters, referring to the statement of the General Coordinator of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) Riad Hijab, the Syrian opposition welcomes the efforts to achieve a ceasefire in Syria.

The Coordinator also added that that it must be confidence between all parties to the conflict to create acceptable conditions for negotiations on a political settlement in Syria. He noted that the talks should be held in Geneva under the auspices of the UN. The statement also says that the HNC is counting on a truce in the entire territory of Syria. It should be mentioned that this statement was made against the background of preparations for the Syrian talks in Astana, which will be attended by the representatives of Turkey, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the moderate Syrian opposition.

It is to be hoped that the Syrian opposition this time is not limited to words and will make every effort to achieve peace in Syria.

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