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From America “with love”: Washington continues to supply weaponry to militants in Syria

          In recent days outgoing US administration is committed to spoil relations between Washington and a number of countries. It doesn’t stop even at hostile and dangerous steps in the Middle East.

Thus, on December 23, current US President Barack Obama has approved the defense budget for the next year. The new law allows Washington directly and through third countries to supply to Syria certain types of weaponry. The current United States administration claims that weaponry will be supplied only to the so-called “moderate” opposition. However, as time has shown, Washington is not able to distinguish between “moderate” opposition and radicals.

Against the background of the adoption of this law the reaction of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems quite justified. He said that he had the evidence of support of terrorist groups in Syria by the US-led coalition. The Turkish leader was supported by Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan, adding that Washington is not serious in its intentions to resolve the Syrian crisis and is continuing to pursue it their own selfish goals.

Although the US State Department called the Turkish president’ words as “absurd statement”, the facts speak for themselves. During the mine clearing operation in Aleppo, Russian engineers discovered a large quantity of ammunition manufactured in the USA, Germany and Bulgaria. In addition, they found multiple rocket launchers, hand grenades, grenade launchers and ammunition for howitzers. It is noted that the general cost of weaponry and ammunition is estimated in hundreds of millions of dollars. Most likely, the radicals have thrown weapons, because they were confident in new deliveries.

It is obvious that the foreign policy of current US administration is aimed at destabilizing the political situation in Syria and in the Middle East. For Washington the war remains the best and the most profitable type of business. It won’t be easy for Donald Trump and his administration to depart from such kind of policy, even with a sincere desire. It should be expected that he will not repeat the mistakes of his predecessors.


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