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Bashar al-Assad: West seeks toppling regimes in the Middle East, not fighting terrorism

Yesterday, in an interview to the Italian channel Tgcom24, the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad spoke on the attitude of the Syrians towards the US president-elect Donald Trump and the support the West provides to the terrorists.

In particular, Assad claimed that the Syrians express moderate optimism concerning the next president of the US Donald Trump as they don’t know what will be Washington’s policy in the Middle East region.

Besides, the Syrian president accused the western governments of toppling Middle East regimes instead of fighting terrorism. “Now, the problem is that the West keeps supporting terrorists – maybe not the Islamic State but those who are tagged “moderate”, “white helmets” etc. to provide them a cover, to achieve their political goals,” he said.

In Assad’s opinion, western officials do not want to solve the problem as the terrorism level in Europe is still high and terrorists still attack Europeans.

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