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Is there a Future of the Project for the Division of Syria into the Zones of Influence?

Here above the map by Wikipedia on Dec.12, of the current situation in Syria. The civil war continue. But can you imagine the current zones of influence?

According to Reuters, its unnamed sources reported on December 28, that Syria may be divided into a number of informal zones of influence within the framework of cooperation of the three countries.

The first step in this direction may be a nationwide ceasefire agreement in Syria and after that Syrian-Syrian negotiations may be held.

The deal is currently under consideration and will require coordination with the opposition, the West and the Gulf monarchies. Probably, such a step will provide regional autonomy within a federal structure controlled by the current Syrian government.

However, these agreements won’t be able to divide Syria into zones of influence physically, as Russia, Turkey and Iran support the UN Security Council resolution 2254, according to which Syria’s territorial integrity must be preserved.

Inside Syria Media Center offers the scenario of such a project of informal dividing on the zones of influence.


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