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US-led Coalition Tries to Save the Administration’s Face

In the twilight of its powers the current US administration is trying not only to do everything possible to complicate the background of the foreign policy for a new owner of the White House Donald Trump, but also to hide its failures in the Middle East.

Thus, on January 2, Combined Joint Task Force said that since the beginning of anti-terrorist operation in Iraq and Syria coalition’s air strikes led to unintentional death of 188 civilians. It is stressed that the coalition command considered most of the reports about the civilian casualties which were received in November as unreliable.

According to Reuters, from 16 reports on the coalition’s operation and seven previously received reports of possible civilian casualties coalition command acknowledged only five, and other five are still being assessed. Thirteen of these reports were assessed to be non-credible.

But how can it be? It is clear that such a significant error in the calculation is not accidental, especially when it comes to the United States. Probably, therefore, the US administration is trying to absolve themselves of the responsibility for the death of civilians and regain its reputation. However, hard facts speak for themselves: the international coalition has repeatedly made “mistakes” in Iraq and in Syria. As a result of those mistakes a great number of civilians were killed.

On October 21 the coalition attacked a funeral procession in the Iraqi Daquq. Then pilots took a crowd of people for terrorists. As a result, dozens of civilians were killed. On the same day, the US Air Force attacked a girls’ school Alhaj Adam Yunus in Mosul. Also, on 29 December the coalition command acknowledged that the aircraft attacked the parking lot of the hospital complex in Mosul. And this is an incomplete list of the “mistakes” which were made by the coalition. Earlier, the coalition repeatedly inflicted “unintended” strikes in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa.

It also should be mentioned that earlier on September, 2016, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Research at the Beirut Regional office, Lynn Maalouf claimed that that coalition forces should carry out thorough investigations into reports of civilian casualties caused by air strikes in Syria, and make public the results of investigations.

According to Amnesty International on the basis of research and documentary evidence collected by leading human rights organizations and groups of monitoring, since the beginning of the operation the total number of civilians killed as a result of actions of the coalition forces in Syria, may be about 600, or even more than 1000 people.

So why has the coalition command decided “to re-count” the number of victims in Syria and Iraq? Is it because of the rating of President Barack Obama fell markedly, and the reputation was gone? It is obvious that the current US administration is just trying to resign proudly and hide its sins.

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