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Successful Steps of the Syrian Army

According to Inside Syria Media Center, on January 3 the forces of Syrian army attacked the positions of militant groups in the northern part of Homs which is located 165 km away from Damascus.

SAA shelled from mortars and firearms the settlement of Al Mahatta where Fateh al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) militants had concentrated their powers. The Syrian Army artillery delivered strike at the positions of al-Nusra and its allies held in Kafr Laha, Eth-Teybe, Taldou, Qarmus, and Maryamin.

Syrian Air Force attacked the ISIS positions on the approaches to the ancient city of Palmyra and near T-4 airbase and in Jubb al Jarrah area. However the information on the losses suffered by the sides hasn’t been published.

Follow the latest developments on the website of Inside Syria Media Center.


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