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Nine Civilians were Killed as a Result of the International Coalition Airstrike in Raqqa province

According to Inside Syria Media Center, jets of the International Coalition headed by the U.S made an airstrike on Suwaidia settlement, located in the western part of Raqqa province. The airstrike killed nine people and badly wounded three other.  Allegedly all the victims were the members of one family.

Furthermore on January 5, the International Coalition Air Forces attacked Sarmada settlement in the province of Idlib, 12 locals died. In these circumstances the representatives of the coalition justified the airstrike as the target was the positions of “Jabhat Fateh al-Sham“.

Early in January the coalition recognized that as a result of its actions in Syria and Iraq, approximately 188 people civilians had become victims. However, this information had been refuted by International human rights organizations, according to which the number of people who died because of the International Coalition airstrikes could exceed two thousand people.

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