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Engineering Work on the Restoration of Supply of Fresh Water Started in Damascus

According to Al Mayadeen, engineers began work to restore the water supply system in the valley of the Barada near Damascus. According to the TV channel, the experts are also ready to begin repairing water pumping station of Ain al-Fijah, where is located the only source of fresh water that feeds the Syrian capital.

On Saturday in the framework of an agreement on the local truce militants agreed to let its territory engineering brigade. According to the agreement, the government forces, in turn, should organize a corridor for the militants to leave the valley of the Barada, and go to the province of Idlib.

It should be mentioned that as a result of sabotage in the end of December, the residents of the Syrian capital were almost completely deprived of fresh water. The government tripped spare tanks to partially fill the needs of the city.

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