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An Exhibition to Promote Syrian Products and Exports Opened in Damascus

The Syrian Exporters Union, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, inaugurated the 1st exhibition for export mechanisms at the Damascus-based Dama Rose Hotel in the presence of an Iraqi delegation of 200 tradesmen and industrialists.

The exhibition, which aims at enhancing the Syrian local industry and exports, showcases products by 100 Syrian industrialists and producers from different sectors such as textile, agriculture, finance, chemistry, transportation, energy, technology and packaging.

The 3-day event will also include holding lectures and meetings between Syrian and Iraqi producers, industrialists and tradesmen to sign agreements on exporting Syrian products to the Iraqi markets.

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Adib Mayaleh highly appreciated the role of Syrian industrialists who stayed steadfast and continued production despite the sabotage acts and destructive practices of terrorists backed by the US and Turkey.


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