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Terrorists are not able to Ruin Syrian Peace Talks in Astana

On Saturday a car bomb ripped through a busy commercial district in a militant-held Syrian town Azaz along the Turkish border, injuring about 100 people, more than 50 of them were killed. The survivors were taken to hospital in the Turkish city of Kilis.

Up to now no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, however, the locals believe that it stands for a terrorist organization “Islamic State.” Their assumptions are based on the fact that previously the ISIS militants repeatedly tried to take Azaz, which they controlled in 2013. In addition, in the same Syrian Azaz in the attack on the checkpoint opposition point in October 2016 17 people were killed. Also, in November this year, 25 people were killed in a car bomb at the opposition headquarters.

Apparently, another terrorist attack was aimed to ruin Syrian peace talks in Astana and the relations between Russia and Turkey. Since December 30, through the mediation of these countries the ceasefire between the government of Bashar al-Assad and the opposition came into force in Syria.

The explosion at the Syrian-Turkish border, most likely, is the implementation of terrorist plans which is aimed at disrupting peace talk in Kazakhstan. However, the likelihood that they will achieve their goals, is extremely small. The world community realizes that it is not necessary to fight against political regimes, but against terrorists.

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