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US Carried out op against ISIS in Syria without noticing Damascus

According to The Telegraph, on Sunday, around 2.30 pm US Commandos parachuted by the town of al-Kubar situated between the terrorist-held Deir Ez-zor and the Syrian “capital” of ISIS Raqqa.

Locals say that the forces were aided by four Apache helicopters. The operation lasted for approximately two hours. However, it is unclear yet what was the target for the American troops.

Allegedly, the commandos intended to capture a secret prison where western citizens are being kept.

Yesterday, US Central Command confirmed that “an operation was conducted in that area”, but declined to give further details.

It should be mentioned that it isn’t the first time Washington conducts illegal military ops in Syria without the consent of the Syrian government. Thus, on Dec. 27, 2016, the US special forces backed Kurdish militia during the offensive on ISIS positions in Raqqa suburbs.

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