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António Guterres: it is necessary to promote democracy to keep peace

According to Associated Press, on January 10, the UN Secretary General António Guterres urged the world community to find a new approach to prevent spread of war and peace in the world.

He stressed that the world needs a new approach to conflict resolution, because people are too expensive to pay for the war. According to the secretary general, many conflicts can be prevented or resolved due to the lack of mutual trust among the UN member states.

Guterres also launched an initiative to encourage diplomacy in the interest of promoting peace and pledged to redouble efforts to resolve global crises.

The application of the UN Secretary General is primarily concerned with the situation in the Middle East, where as a result of the Syrian crisis, hundreds of thousands of people died or were forced to leave their country and Europe engulfed the flow of refugees. Obviously, to reflect on conflict prevention and resolution through diplomacy was worth long before the beginning of the armed conflict. Maybe then it managed to avoid bloodshed and horrible destruction.


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