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American methods of falsification

The official representative of the U.S. Department of Defense, Major Adrian Rankin Galloway said on January 11, the Pentagon doesn’t evade the responsibility for the actions led to deaths of civilians in Syria. He stressed the accusations have no ground.

U.S. military spokesman noted that when making targets for strike the U.S. Army uses a very strict standards and intelligence data to avoid civilian casualties.

Meanwhile, the official Syrian authorities have repeatedly denied that the airstrikes carried out by the U.S.-led coalition were an accident. They caused losses of life hundreds of civilians in Syria. And now the coalition is simply trying to avoid responsibility for their ‘mistakes’ by manipulating the facts.

So what are the methods? How can the Air Forces hide the fact of killing many peaceful civilians? Coalition forces do not inform Syrian side about the combat use; do not designate a period of time and the approximate area of its aircraft. In addition, the Combined Joint Task Force does not indicate specific types of aircraft being used and their affiliation. Such manipulations allow in the case of the tragic ‘mistakes’ of coalition’s aircraft to avoid responsibility for their actions led to losses of life and to destruction of civilian infrastructure.

Inside Syria Media Center have already written about the examples of the U.S. ‘very strict’ standards.

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