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1200 Militants Surrendered to Government Forces

According to Inside Syria Media Center, more than 1200 militants have left several settlements in Damascus province, most of them laid down arms and returned to peaceful life. We have already mentioned regarding the preliminary agreement with militants in Wadi Barada. It is reported that surrendered militants were granted amnesty under the program which had been proposed by the Syrian President in order to accelerate the resolution of the crisis.  The other militants and their families were grated an opportunity of safety exit to Idlib.

Two of nine settlements in Wadi Barada Hussainia and Bargala which had been under control of the terrorists signed ceasefire agreement. The other seven settlements of Kafr al-Awamid, Souq Wadi Barada, Dayr Qanoo, Dayr Miqrin, Kafr az Zayt, Bassima and Ain al-Fija also expressed desire to join ceasefire.

Follow the latest developments on the website of Inside Syria Media Center.

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