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Aleppo is Forgotten by the West

Until recently, lots of Western politicians and representatives of some UN member-states have brought into play different allegations and lies concerning the situation in eastern Aleppo, which had been controlled by the terrorists for a long time.

It’s no secret that the radical groups who daily kept at bay civilians of Aleppo are financed and received support from abroad. This was shown by the Syrian army at the end of December 2016 when it disclosed huge dumps with ammunition and Western-made weapons. In addition, the West has repeatedly tried to convince the world community that the terrorists in Aleppo are militants of a so-called “moderate” opposition.

It should be mentioned that even before Aleppo was liberated from the terrorists, Western mass media regularly gave false information alleging that the Syrian government and its allies were preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid to Aleppo. For example, the US State Department has repeatedly tried to persuade the international community that Syrian President Bashar Assad is deliberately hindering the delivery of humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Aleppo.

United Nations officials have relentlessly demanded security guarantees from the Syrian army and its allies. In response to this, the Syrian government initiated several humanitarian pauses in Aleppo, which subsequently were thwarted by radicals. However, despite all the efforts of official Damascus to establish contact with international organizations, humanitarian aid has not been delivered during humanitarian breaks or after December 12 when the command of the Syrian army announced the full liberation of eastern Aleppo.

Today, Aleppo is returning to a peaceful life. But only Russia, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Red Crescent Society are providing real help to the residents. The failure of Western countries to provide aid is very strange considering that currently the situation in eastern Aleppo is relatively calm and safe. Engineers are successfully demining houses and streets of the city.

The West does not even think about assisting in the rebuilding of the city, which has suffered at the hands of the militants who constantly shelled residential neighborhoods and terrorized the local population. As if the West, led by the United States, suddenly forgot that they had defended the interests of the radicals, not the civilians.

So why do the West and such large international organizations such as UNICEF and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, which previously claimed a desire to deliver humanitarian aid to besieged Aleppo, suddenly lose all such interest now that Aleppo is liberated?

It seems clear that the West’s lack of interest in post-liberation aid reflects the unexpected failure of its poorly-considered information campaign against the Syrian government. Only in this way can false statements in the media and the reluctance to actually participate in the improvement of the humanitarian situation in Syria be explained.

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