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ISIS loses key positions near Palmyra

Syrian Air Force has bombed the positions of ISIS and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham terrorists near Palmyra area simultaneously with the offensive organized by the government troops.  The army has been completed to encircle the city and is preparing to release him from the terrorists.

Currently, the assault units of the Syrian army carry out an operation to take the control over the area of oil and gas fields near the ancient city. Successful completion of this operation will lead to the fact that Palmyra would be encircled. That will allow to intercept the strategic initiative and to liberate the city from insurgents. Syrian Special Forces unit ‘Desert Falcons’ is involved in the operation.

Now the Syrians have moved three kilometers to ‘T-4’ terminal area. Assault units of the Syrian government troops have driven out the terrorists from key heights near the airfield. Terrorists have suffered heavy losses in manpower and materiel. At least 40 of the jihadists were killed. Syrian Air Force conduct air support.

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