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About 700 citizens of France fight on a side of ISIS in Syria and Iraq

In an interview to Le Figaro the head of the Coordination Group for the fight against terrorism in France Loic Garnier said that about 700 French citizens were fighting on a side of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

He also stressed that the total number of foreigners in the ISIS ranks in the Middle East in 2015 was about 30,000 people. Now it has decreased to 12, 000 people. At the same time according to Garnier, there are 3,000 Europeans among them.

In addition, he added that France is still ranking first place among the EU for citizens who joined the terrorist groups operating in the Middle East.

According to Le Figaro, nowadays there are about 200,000 people who have taken part in Middle Eastern conflicts and have fought on a side of the militants.

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