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ISIS terrorists attacked Deir ez-Zor to complicate the talks in Astana

The Syrian writer and political analyst Naji Ubaid said ISIS militants were trying to seize Deir ez-Zor in the northeast of Syria, to influence the results of the talks in Astana.

During the past five days, ISIS is attacking the city. Government forces are still able to restrain the terrorist attacks, but the radicals are continuing to pull reinforcements, using car bombs and suicide bombers.

According to the Syrian political analyst, ISIS activity directly linked with the US unwillingness to solve the Syrian problem. He believes that the current United States administration is not interested in positive results of the talks in Astana.

The same opinion is shared by the head of the department of international relations at the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut Georg Messi. He said that the US-led coalition was bombing in Deir ez-Zor only confirm the desire of Pentagon to help ISIS fully capture the city.

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