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Rebellion in the sky over Syria

According to The Wall Street Journal, American Air Force pilots accuse Russian jets of dangerous high-speed maneuvering and other violations of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Department of Defense of the United States of America on the Prevention of Flight Safety Incidents in the course of operations in the Syrian Arab Republic, signed in 2015. Pentagon at the same time is forced allegedly to intensify cooperation with the Russian side.

The publication also states that the Russian pilots don’t know the safety rules or do not want to follow them. US Air Force commanders express fears that an incident could add tension in the relationship between Moscow and Washington in the efforts to settle the Syrian conflict.

The irony is that the Russian Air Force operates in full compliance with international law – at the request of the official government of the Syrian Arab Republic. But flying in the skies over Syria the US jets do not have any legal basis for their actions, and, especially, the rights to any groundless accusations. The activity of the US-led international coalition was not approved by the UN Security Council. The Syrian authorities haven’t not either addressed the Western countries with an official request to support their action against ISIS.

It should be recalled that the coalition has repeatedly been criticized by both the international community and NATO for its ‘mistakes‘ during air strikes in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Some servicemen even write posters and organize demonstrations.


Photos of NATO servicemen in Denmark, participating in the demonstration, published in Twitter


One of the striking examples is the latter case with a Danish military man serving in NATO contingent deployed in Afghanistan. He organized a protest near the building of Parliament on January 10, over real terrorism with cardboard in his hand. The poster reads: “They ordered to move to Afghanistan to fight against terrorism.  We have been cheated upon! It was only for the sake of the war. NATO is terrorism! Please forgive us for whatever happened, Afghans!”

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Photos of American soldiers, who do not want to fight in Syria, published on


Earlier, a lot of photographs repeatedly appeared in social networks showing American soldiers with protest posters expressing their displeasure with the military campaign against Bashar al-Assad. Their faces are closed in order to protect them from persecution. They argue that supporting the antigovernment forces in Syria is a betrayal of the Syrian people, as by doing so the U.S. provide direct support to Al-Qaeda in Syria.


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