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UN delegation arrives in Damascus

UN delegation arrived in the suburbs of Damascus for conducting talks between the government and field commanders of the Syrian armed opposition.

Previously, both conflicting parties reached an agreement that guaranteed amnesty to all fighters who wished to lay down their arms, and a safe exit out of Syria for others, who refused to surrender the area. However, after a coordinator of the Syrian government who took part in the negotiations with the terrorists, Brigadier General Ahmad Ghadban was killed in Wadi Barada, the agreements were disrupted.

In recent years, the Syrian army was managed to surround a large group of Islamists in the region and to regain control over several settlements.

We can only hope that the visit of the UN delegation will really contribute to the stabilization of the situation in the area. After all, its main purpose is to reach an agreement, according to which the rebels must leave the area of Wadi Barada, the Syrian army bring it back under control.

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