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The group of foreign mercenaries defected from ISIS

Today a group of foreign   in northeastern Syria. Most likely deserter crossed the Syrian-Turkish border. According to Inside Syria Media Center, all the 15 foreign militants are citizens of European countries.

This group has been recently transferred from Iraq’s Mosul to Margada in Syria’s Hasakah. The ISIS-led Hisba Police made an effort to find them but failed.

After this accident ISIS terrorists organized new checkpoints on the roads around Margada in order to cut off the opportunity for potential deserters.

There are a great number of reasons why jihadists leave the ranks of ISIS. Some people run because they don’t want to participate in brutal executions any more. Others are outraged by irrational actions of field commanders and the lack of understanding of their future actions and the need for their presence at the ranks of terrorist organizations. But the most likely cause of desertions is ISIS military defeats which led to the loss a quarter previously seized territories in Syria and Iraq.

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