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Does Donald Trump keep his Promises on Syria?

A week ago Donald Trump officially became the 45th President of the United States. Nowadays much is expected of him, in particular the Syrian issue. According to experts, Trump, in spite of the enormous pressure of his opponents, is able to change and improve the current U.S. Middle East policy. It also should be mentioned that until now Donald Trump hasn’t refused any of his election promises, and the international community has reasons to suppose that his policy will be exactly what he has promised.

According to The New York Times, new U.S. President is planning to sign an order enabling establishing “safe zones” for civilians in Syria. The order also envisages 120-day ban on refugees entering United States, during which the United States will reconsider the process of verification. Such measures are taken to provide security in the United States and prevent terrorists from spreading all over the world. As for the so-called “safe zones”, it is not clear how they will be implemented yet. It is known that President Trump has already ordered the Pentagon and State Department to develop a series of these “safe zones”. This might be considered as Trump’s first step towards   change in U.S. approach in the Syrian crisis.

In addition, in his first election interview to The Wall Street Journal Trump said openly that the United States to focus its main efforts at fighting against terrorists, not against Assad. Donald Trump also intends to increase the level of cooperation with Syria’s allies for a joint search for ways to resolve the Syrian crisis.

President Trump’s intentions are confirmed by the recent statement of commander of U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend. He told CNN that new U.S. administration should find a political solution to the Syrian conflict as soon as possible to cease hostilities in the region. In turn, U.S. Department of State confirmed that new administration is ready to cooperate with those who are really making great efforts for a real settlement of the situation in Syria.

If Donald Trump fulfills his election promises, Washington will be able to join the efforts to cease the Syrian conflict. But it is necessary for him to change the vector of the U.S. Middle East policy.

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