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More than 2,600 militants laid down weapons in Wadi-Barada

The residence of Barada river valley in Damascus province started to return to peaceful life. More than 2,600 previously acting militants laid down weapons. Those who refused to return to peaceful life were evacuated with families to Idlib province.

Militants who were ready to lay down weapons joined self-defense units in Damascus suburbs. The population continues to receive humanitarian assistance, including food, medicines and other essentials.

However, jihadists who refused to lay down weapons sheltered in the mountainous area and continued to shell surroundings districts and villages, breaking ceasefire agreement and also preventing the restoration of peaceful life.

Wadi-Bara is a strategically important region where the water source of Ain al-Fijah is located, which supplies the Damascus province with drinking water. The region was captured by Free Syrian Army militants in February 2012 and held for more than four years. At the end of 2016, as a result of clashes between Syrian army and militant groups Ain al-Fijah water pump station was damaged, leaving the capital of Syria without access to drinking water. Currently Syrian government managed to coordinate the terms of truce with militants, according to which a group of engineers was sent to the region to restore the water pump station.

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