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Turkey has made its choice and preferred to cooperate with Syria’s allies

The western media keep silent about Moscow and Ankara joint operations. On Wednesday, January 18, in cooperation with Damascus, Russian and Turkish jets carried out joint airstrikes on ISIS positions in the Al-Bab outskirts. In total, 17 jets hit terrorists’ 36 targets. Both Russian and Turkish General Staffs said the strikes were coordinated and highly successful.

Turkey is a member of NATO which promotes U.S. interests in the Middle East and in the world and thus opposes Syria and Russia. Ankara seems to have changed its opinion on the Syrian conflict and decided to join Damascus and its allies in the fight against terrorism. Besides, another proof of this are Turkey’s attempts to convince the Syrian opposition join the Astana talks.

Obviously, the western media see no good in reporting that a NATO member radically changed its thoughts. Ankara, however, had a choice between continuing inconsistent combat in Syria as a part of the international coalition or joining a side which seeks peace and is about achieving it. Turkey was clever enough to choose the second option not to threaten the security of its own borders.

Meanwhile, the Western policy has already proven its inconsistency: for instance, the U.S.-led coalition operation in the suburbs of Iraq’s Mosul was just limited to pushing ISIS to eastern Syria while it keeps regrouping by Deir Ezzor and Al-Bab.

To be recalled is how the Pentagon paused the assault of the Kurds on Raqqa thus setting up a groundwork for ISIS large-scale offensive on Palmyra and letting the terrorists capture it.

Against the background of the successes of Damascus, Moscow and Tehran Washington’s “achievements” look rather insignificant. Moreover, amid the Astana prospects the cooperation with Syria’s allies looks more and more attractive. Ankara seems to be understanding it and intend to go on working in this direction which can’t help reviving a hope for a soon peace agreement.

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