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Damascus bore new wells for its residents

According to the instructions of the authorities in Damascus, Syrian engineers to start drilling and equipping 40 new wells, 26 of which are located near the famous Mount Qasioun.

You can see the process of drilling of new boreholes and the laboratory testing of water received at the photographs below.

According to the authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic, reserve wells were existed before, but their number wasn’t enough to provide fresh water for all the residents of Damascus. The research made should give an answer to the question whether these sources are suitable for use.

At the same time some units of the Syrian Arab army recaptured the settlement of Daer Kanon. The water pumping station of Ain al-Fija Spring in Barada Valley (Wadi Barada) feeding freshwater to Syrian capital is located there.

Maintenance workshops entered Sunday the water facility of Ain al-Fija in Damascus Countryside to estimate the damage caused to the facility feeding the city of Damascus with water after terrorist organization members launched attacks on it. According to SANA, the repair teams entered the facility after engineering units of the Syrian Arab Army had demined the area of explosives and mines that were planted by terrorists.

Damascus Countryside Governor Alaa Ibrahim said that the repair teams have entered Ain al-Fija Spring to start the rehabilitation works, adding that there is a prompt plant for supplying Damascus with water from Ain al-Fija and Ain Haroush springs and the backup water wells until the huge damage caused to the water facility by terrorists is repaired.  Ibrahim added that the damage caused to the facility is huge and requires some time for finishing the reparation works and re-pumping water to Damascus fully.

Inside Syria Media Center have already covered an issue of the problems of water supplying to the residents of Damascus. Watch the development of the affair on our website.

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