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Football Team Held The First in Five Years Match in Aleppo

The peace in the city of Aleppo liberated from the terrorists and ‘moderate opposition’ became the reason to hold a football between the two city’s professional teams on January, 29. It has been the first match since 2011. ‘Al-Ittihad’ football club on the stadium of Aleppo defeated his ‘Hurriyat’ rivals with a score of 2 to 1.


The authorities of Aleppo didn’t managed arrange all well, the stadium of the city was seriously damaged during the fighting and shelling and the grass in a field dried and turned brown, to speak nothing of the fact that the match was under police protection. Fortunately all this was unable to prevent people from gathering and watching the game. The atmosphere was fantastic.


“It is our right to play in Aleppo,” – said a player of ‘Hurriyat’, Firras Al-Ahmad. He complained that his team did not win because of a fatigue after a long journey from Latakia. “We play better in Aleppo when playing at home in front of our fans, We would like to raise the name of Aleppo once again.” – he added.


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