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Imad Khamis urged to reconsider the administrative structure of financial institutions

Prime Minister Imad Khamis during a work meeting at the Finance Ministry urged to reconsider the administrative structure of financial institutions and devise a strategy to develop their work, in addition to a decision to devise a strategy for developing human resources in this sector.

Premier Khamis said that improving the financial sector is a priority for the government, stressing the need for precise indicators for evaluating the performance of workers in this sector.

He called for improving the work of the Customs and Fees Agency and implementing an advanced and just taxation system, in addition to developing the work of public sector banks, adding that the Finance Ministry must devise a clear and advanced financial policy and computerize work in all financial establishments.

For his part, Finance Minister Ma’moun Hamdan reviewed the Ministry’s work during the past six months, noting that it devised a plan for establishing advanced and modern financial management.

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