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Almost 300 militants laid down weapons in Daraa province

280 militants in Ghabaghib village in the northern suburbs of Daraa laid down weapons and surrendered to the government forces under the national reconciliation program.

According to Inside Syria Media Center, the militants handed over 60 automatic weapons, 15 anti-tanks mines and several self-made explosive devices.

It is pointed out that the surrendered militants would be granted amnesty. For the past several months more than 600 militants laid down arms in different settlements around Daraa province due to this fact civilians return to peaceful life in the region.

Let us remind you that the amnesty program has been proposed by the Syrian President in order to accelerate the resolution of the crisis. According to the amnesty, militants are absolved from any liability if they surrender and lay down weapons within three months from the decree publication date. The decree was signed by Bashar Assad in July 2016 and then prolonged for another 3 months in November last year.

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