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Syrian army is getting ready to seize Al-Bab

Syrian army advanced towards the town of Al-Bab, which Turkish troops and its allies under Euphrates Shield operation have been unsuccessfully trying to capture for several months. In the nearest future the town which is still under control of ISIS terrorists can be completely surrounded.

For the past 24 hours Syrian army under support of tanks and artillery units were able to advance to Al-Bab at a distance of about eight kilometers. It has become possible due to the large-scale offensive which started two days ago.

According to the Syrian command, first of all the troops must block Al-Bab to the south, and only then start the offensive.

Currently terrorists don’t stubborn resistance to the advancing units of the Syrian army. Only several cases of clashes between government forces and armed groups have been registered for the past weeks. The biggest threat to the Syrian army is suicide bombers on the car bomb.


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