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Iran: Safe Zones will complicate the situation in Syria

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahiyan stated that the U.S. initiative on creation safe zones for refuges in Syria would complicate the situation in the country as well as effected the implementation of the Astana talks.
Abdollahiyan said that the idea of creation so called “safe zones” had been proposed by Hillary Clinton during her election campaign and referring to the political changes in America it was suspended.
According to Abdollahiyan, even if the current administration’s proposals are not related to the Clinton’s plan, Syria is a sovereign state and any interference in the internal affairs is a violation of national sovereignty. Such step of Donald Trump can become a fatal mistake for him.
Earlier, Donald Trump stated that he intends to create safe zones for Syrian refuges and tasks Pentagon and State Department to prepare appropriate documents. The Syrian government also considers the U.S. plans as violation a of their country’s sovereignty.

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