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Belgian MP ashamed of the EU policy on Syria

The head of the Belgian parliamentarian delegation which visited Syrian Aleppo on Monday, Filip Dewinter said that Russia is the only country , which is really fighting against terrorists in Syria and helps people, while the EU support confines to words.

The MP assured that on his return to Belgium, delegation will talk about what they saw and testify the positive role of Russia in the conflict and in the fight against radical groups.

According to his words, Europe should stop to impose sanctions against Syria not only to normalize the situation in the Arab country, but also to stop the flow of migrants from the Middle East. He added that the Syrian people need humanitarian assistance, and the best thing that Europe can do is help them on the ground.

In addition, the delegation was astonished due to the abundance of EU-made weaponry which was seized from the militants.

It should be mentioned that the EU has not yet delivered any humanitarian aid. And, apparently, ordinary Syrians shouldn’t wait for it, because European politicians do not care about the fate of the Syrian people. It is much easier to blame the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad without any evidence, than realize the real picture of what is happening in Syria.

We can only hope that Filip Dewinter’s words will be heard in the EU and will be appropriately received. Now it is important not to forget that civilians, who are tired of a bloody war in Syria, are continuing to suffer.

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