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UK lost 3.2 million pounds sponsoring ‘humanitarian’ programs

In 2015-2016, the UK lost 3.2 million pounds through fraud in its overseas aid programs, Thomson Reuters Foundation reported on Thursday citing National Audit Office’s report. Most serious cases were registered in Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Taking into consideration the fact that Great Britain provides financial and material support to the Syrian opposition, the news are not surprising. The members of terror groups fighting against the government troops are criminals and seek only one goal – personal enrichment.

In October 2016, London announced that British troops would resume training the Syrian opposition. According to this program, British officers were appointed to special camps in Turkey and Jordan. There might have also been cases of fraud.

Moreover, Great Britain is one of the countries that sponsor the White Helmets (also known as Syrian Civil Defense). The organization claiming to be ‘humanitarian’ shoots fake videos of evacuating people from destroyed houses and aids them while blaming the Syrian government. However, the ‘volunteers’ themselves are members of terror groups and areas seen in the Helmets’ videos are shelled by the militants, not the Syrian army.

These words may be applied not only to Syria. Probably, the money is wasted in the same way in Afghanistan, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Somali and the other 32 countries mentioned in the report.

British citizens should pay attention to the projects the government supports using taxpayers’ money.

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