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Russia Stands for Engagement of the Syrian Government to the Task force’s Work in Geneva

The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that it would be useful to connect the representatives of the official Damascus to the task groups, which are a part of the International Support Group on (ISG) humanitarian and ceasefire in Syria during the talks in Geneva.

According to Moscow, it would be useful from a practical view of the situation. The representatives of the Syrian government could clarify the issues arising in discussion of the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Syrians.

Nowadays, most of the humanitarian cargo is delivered only by Russia. A number of international organizations and countries refuse to supply it, citing the fact that the country lacks security. Although, in recent years, the situation in Syria has been stabilized, and there is no problem with the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Syrian towns which were liberated by the Syrian Army.

In addition, the possibility of participation of the representatives of the Syrian government in the task groups is explained due to the fact, that the Syrian authorities must be personally involved in all matters relating to the country.

It should be mentioned that the International Support Group on Syria is composed of the US, Russia, and a number of European countries, and the Gulf States.

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