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Kazakhstan announced topics of upcoming Astana talks

Kazakhstan’s foreign minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov stated to journalists that during upcoming Astana talks the sides are going to discuss the issues of monitoring ceasefire regime in Syria. This agreement has been reached during previous round of talks. Another key issue to discuss will be the imposing of sanctions for ceasefire violations. The sides are also going to pay attention to the matter of creation new Syrian constitution mechanism.
The next round of talks is scheduled on February 15-16. The delegations of Russia and Syria have already arrived in Astana, and the arrival of Iranian and Jordan delegations is expected.
Kairat Abdrakhmanov emphasized that the Turkish side should provide information regarding its delegation members as well as information about Syrian opposition delegation.
On the eve, mass media reported that the Syrian opposition is going to miss the upcoming round of Syrian talks in Astana. However according to the source within the opposition, the delegation arrives in Astana if in the coming days there will be a progress in the conservation of the truce.

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