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Bashar Assad: Western countries don’t have a right to determine the future of Syria

In an interview given to French radio station Europe 1 Syrian President Bashar Assad stated, that Western countries didn’t have a right to determine the future of Syria instead of Syrians. Only the Syrian people can choose between the current government and terrorists organization, said President.
Assad also said that Western states should be concentrated on the issue of its population protection from terrorism, as terrorists have already committed a number of attacks in Germany and France. These accidents became a consequence of several mistakes of Europeans who has been supporting Syrian opposition since the beginning of conflict.
At the same time, Assad said that Syria has been in contact with the French intelligence services, despite the absence of diplomatic relations between Damascus and Paris.
President Assad marked that without the support of Russia, the struggle against terrorism would be much more difficult, as Moscow has always respected the sovereignty of Syria and coordinated its actions with the Government.
At the end of the interview the Syrian President said he would not allow Amnesty International representatives to enter the territory of Syria, as the organization has no right to interfere the internal affairs of the country. Amnesty International is an organization which focuses on discrediting the activity of Syrian government.

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