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Meetings in Astana will be taking place on a regular basis

The Kazakh Foreign Ministry’s press service stated that the meeting of the joint group, which has been formed after Astana talks, would hold regular session on the issues of observing and ensuring full compliance with the ceasefire regime by the sides of the Syrian conflict.
The department also noted that the group would focus on the investigation of the UN Security Council resolution 2254 violations, as well as making efforts to prevent escalation of violence and alleviate the humanitarian situation in Syria.
In addition, Kazakhstan confirmed its readiness to contribute in stabilizing the situation in Syria through participation in the UN Security Council.
The next round of Syrian talks in Astana finished on February 16. The representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition as well as guarantor states (Iran, Russia and Turkey), Jordan and UN took part in the talks.
The first meeting of the technical group in Astana was held on 6 February.

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