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Iran urges other states to take part in political settlement of Syrian crisis

In an interview given to the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV channel the Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani stated that, Tehran welcomes the readiness of other states which to provide assistance in the political settlement of Syrian crisis.
Larijani also said that, currently Iran in cooperation with Russia and Turkey contributes to rapprochement of the positions of the conflict parties. He also assured that there is no dissidence between the guarantor states in the issue of Syrian crisis resolution.
Let us remind you that the talks were held in Astana on January 23-24. The Russian side was the initiator of the talks and proposed the creation of additional platform in Astana on Syrian peace process, in addition to Geneva process. The initiative was supported by Kazakhstan and Turkey.
The second round of talks on Syria finished on February 16 in Astana. An agreement on establishing ceasefire monitoring group of Iran, Russia and Turkey has become the results of negotiations.

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