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Marine Le Pen: Syria’s President Assad must stay in power to beat IS

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front, and a presidential candidate, on February 20, after the meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri claimed that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad must stay in power to beat IS.

It should be mentioned that the current French government insists on Assad’s departure from the post of the Syrian president under any scenario of the settlement of the Syrian crisis. However, we can already say with confidence that Marine Le Pen intends to fundamentally change France’s policy toward Syria.

According to her, it is necessary to fight not against Assad, but against terrorism. Furthermore, she added that Assad inspires confidence. Maybe that’s why her ranking continues to rise.

We remind that Le Pen’s visit to Beirut is a part of her election campaign. Presidential elections in France will be carried out in two stages: the first is scheduled for April 23, the second – on May 7.

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