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U.S. Suspended Weapons Supplies to Syrian Opposition

According to Reuters, Washington has suspended weapons supplies to the armed groups of Syrian opposition, including TOW anti-tank missile and firearms, as well as stopped payments and training.
The opposition Command links this step of Washington with an incident which has occurred last month. Free Syrian Army (FSA) units were attacked in the southern part of Syria by terrorists, who managed to capture the American weapons and money.
It is not the first time when the American made-weapons fall into the hands of terrorists. According to the Telegraph, in September 2015, the fighters of FSA Division 30 after the training of CIA in Turkey crossed the Turkish-Syrian border and betrayed their American backers and handed their weapons over to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists.
In this way, Washington has a logical basis for such a decision. First, the U.S. can be really afraid of getting different types of weapons in the hands of terrorists. As the terrorists can use the captured TOW missiles against American aircrafts, which are as a part of International Coalition illegally fight in the territory of Syria.
Secondly, this decision can be considered as a temporary measure, which has been taken by United States on the eve of the next round of Syrian talks in Geneva in order to demonstrate to the world community their “Herculean efforts” in the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis.

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