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What did McCain visit Syria for?

On February 22, the Wall Street Journal reported that last weekend, John McCain covertly visited the town of Kobani situated in northern Syria. According to the newspapers’ sources, the senator wanted to meet with the U.S. forces deployed there and to discuss with the Kurds the measures taken against ISIS and the operation of Raqqa’s liberation.
On his Twitter, Feb. 20, John McCain wrote that he met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss “US-Turkey alliance based on democratic values important to confront global threats.” This doesn’t seem to be a coincidence: first the senator holds negotiations with the Kurdish militia and then visits Ankara. While McCain’s goals might have been really positive for the fight against ISIS, the purpose of his trip to Syria doesn’t seem to be quite transparent.
First, the senator’s office kept the trip secret until it was revealed by the WSJ. McCain obviously had some reasons to hide the fact that he had visited Syria. Although John McCain hasn’t openly criticized Donald Trump’s policy, who has quite an opposite attitude towards Syria, he is an advocate of armed conflicts and toppling regimes. Yesterday, it was reported that the CIA cut off supplying the Syrian militants with money and weaponry which may become the sign of a shift in the Syrian-American relationship.
Probably, John McCain knew about this and decided to act before the ban was implemented. During his trip, the senator could have contacted some members of the FSA or even smugglers that supply the opposition with weapons and ammunition from Turkey. Being chairman of the Armed Services Committee, McCain obviously can set up additional channels of financing and supplying terrorists to topple Bashar al-Assad and to prevent a nation-wide ceasefire.
But now, unfortunately, we can only guess what the senator’s unannounced trip to Syria meant and why his office intended to keep it secret.

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