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Syrian Army conducts attacks against ISIS

February 23, yesterday, the Syrian Army seized another village in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, leaving the Islamic State terrorist organization with their backs against the wall at the strategic city of Deir Hafer.

According to Al-Masdar, the Syrian Army’s “Tiger Forces” liberated the village of Rasm Al-Hermel Al-Khabaz, cutting the Islamic State’s northern supply route to their stronghold of Deir Hafer in east Aleppo.

Deir Hafer is now officially cut from three different axes, which means the Syrian Arab Army has fire control over this strategic city located west of the Euphrates River and Al-Raqqa Governorate.

It should be mentioned that dozens of ISIS insurgents were killed during firefights with government forces in the eastern Aleppo countryside; however, at Rasm Al-Hermel Al-Khabaz three elderly Islamic State fighters surrendered themselves to the SAA’s elite assault troops.

The captive jihadist fighters are now in the custody of local Syrian security forces and are expected to face trial shortly or may be used in prisoner exchange deals that are common on the Syrian battlefield but largely unreported.

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