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Turkish Forces are not planning to leave Syria

According to Anadolu, the Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, claimed about Ankara’s readiness to participate the operation to liberate Raqqa and the whole country from ISIS terrorists.

In addition, the other day it became known that Turkey discussed the next steps in Syria with members of the US-led international coalition. According to the minister, the issue of the operation in Raqqa has been discussed with the representatives of France, Britain and Germany.

Superficially, Turkey’s intention to fight against terrorism is commendable, however, we must not forget that there are Turkish troops in Syria without the approval of the Syrian government official.

In turn, Syrian Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ali Haidar, said that Damascus hopes that the issue of Turkey’s military presence on the territory of Syria will be resolved by political means, without bringing the conflict to direct military confrontation. According to him, Ankara is trying to impose on Syria its presence on its territory. This situation creates conditions for such kind of confrontation.

In the letter to the UN, that was sent last week, Syrian Foreign Ministry called on the World Organization to put pressure on Ankara to put an end to the violation of Syrian sovereignty. As it is noted in the document, this is in reference to a continuing aggression, which manifests itself in the provision of various types of military, financial and logistical assistance to terrorist groups, as well as in the recruitment of foreign terrorists and facilitating their penetration into Syria.

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