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Syrian Army Liberated Another 15 Villages from ISIS

Syrian army units under support of Tiger Forces continued large-scale offensive on ISIS positions in the eastern Aleppo suburbs, pushing forward to the Euphrates River.
Since February 22 government forces have liberated the villages of Rasm Al-Harmel Al-Imam, Tayyar Hamadah, Mazburah, Rasm al-Khabbaz, Rasm al-Sheikh, Al-Kitah, Abu Jabbar Al-Khabirah, Umm Kharazah, Al-Mustarihah, Qasr al-Burayj, Al-Manazir, Shanhasah, Al-Jadedah, Khan Kayar, and Abu Jabbar as-Saghirah.
Syrian troops have managed to encircle the ISIS positions in Deir Hafer and also cut off Turkish army from advancing deeper into the territory of Syria.
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