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Politicized reward of “White Helmets”

February 26, the 89th annual Oscar ceremony was held in Los Angeles. Netflix’s “The White Helmets” won Best Documentary Short Film.

The rescuers in white helmets are shown as heroes in the film. At the same time nothing was said about the fact that these people are suspected of direct cooperation with terrorists. The international scandal around the “White helmets” broke out a few months ago, when it was found that its employees take staged photo and video.

Moreover, it is known that the “White Helmets” are operating only in the areas that are controlled by al-Nusra. It should be mentioned that in October last year Inside Syria Media Center conducted an investigation on the activity of the “White Helmets” in Syria. The material provides irrefutable evidence that the “White Helmets” aren’t heroes, but they are actors.

It is obvious that the West wants to attract more attention to the war in Syria, and to the organization that supposedly “save” Syrian people from  Bashar al-Assad. However, in fact, its activity is aimed only at the denigration and demonization of the current Syrian government.

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