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Russia to veto the UN sanctions against Syria

February 28, UN Security Council plans to vote on a draft resolution that would impose sanctions on Syria. The document was drafted by Britain, France and the United States last year. The proposed resolution would slap sanctions on 11 Syrian nationals and 10 entities, which according to the authors, were involved in chemical attacks in Aleppo.

It should be mentioned that the Russian side is going to veto this draft resolution. Russia has repeatedly stressed that there is no any evidence of the use chemical weaponry by the Syrian army.

Let us not forget that in February Human Rights Watch prepared a report that showed that Syrian government forces supposedly used chemical weaponry in Aleppo. However, Inside Syria Media Center carried out independent review of the report and came to the conclusion that there was no any real evidence of the fact that the Syrian army used chemical weaponry in Syria.

Now it becomes clear why the West is so interested in the adoption of such a resolution. Nobody carried out official and objective investigation, and all the accusations are based on unconfirmed photos and video from social media. In addition, the Western justice is only directed against Syria and the Syrian army. The West is not going to condemn the United States for repeated using depleted uranium in Syria and Iraq. Also, the West doesn’t not wish to deal with proven cases, when the Syrian armed opposition used chemical gas in Syria.

So, what is a real reason for promoting the draft resolution against Syria? Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Syrian army continues to gain major victories, and the Syrian government’s weight continues to grow. It is obvious that the West doesn’t want Syria’s strong economy. That’s why the sanctions are mostly planned to affect the economic sector of the country.


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