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The West Cares Nothing For The Syrian People

February 28, the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, claimed that Washington to insist on imposing sanctions on Syria over the alleged use of chemical weapons with the help of its allies, including the EU.

The U.S. insistence was caused by the case when China and Russia vetoed the resolution that was drafted by Britain, France, and the United States. It also should be mentioned that Bolivia voted “no” and three countries abstained — Egypt, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan. According to the document, it was proposed to impose new sanctions on 11 Syrian nationals and 10 entities, which according to the authors of the resolution, were involved in chemical attacks in Aleppo. Besides, the sanctions involved the imposing an arms embargo for Syria.

It can be said with certainty that the draft resolution was directed at erosion of the Syrian economy, and the imposing sanctions on the arms supply could directly affect on the effectiveness of the government forces in anti-terrorist operations.

According to Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, Liu Jieyi, the imposing new sanctions against Syria doesn’t support the political settlement of the Syrian crisis. In addition, he stressed that there was no any evidence for using chemical weaponry by the Syrian Army in Aleppo.  Liu Jieyi also added that such accusations must be based on the detailed and independent investigation.

Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations, Amr Abdellatif Aboulatta, was surprised at the insistence of the West to promote the draft resolution without any changes. He explained that such a serious document should be based on the lack of significant and proven evidence.

It should be mentioned that the reaction of the West to the rejection of the draft resolution was immediate. Permanent Representative of Britain to the United Nations, Matthew John Rycroft, hastened to accuse Beijing and Moscow of undermining the norms of international law that prevent the use of barbaric weaponry. However, he said nothing about proven cases of the use prohibited substances and chemical weaponry in Syria and Iraq by the United States and the Syrian armed opposition.

In addition, the West prefers not to mention the US-led international coalition’ persistent violations of international law in Syria. Apparently, the Pentagon has decided that it has the right to carry out its so-called “anti-terrorism” operations on the territory of a sovereign state without any consent of the Syrian government and resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

It is obvious that a number of Western countries and the United States simply can’t give up the obsession with the dump of Bashar al-Assad. Blaming the official Damascus of using chemical weaponry against its own people, they try to implode reputation of the Syrian army, which effectively fights against terrorists. In fact, they have only poisoned the atmosphere at the meeting of the Security Council and proved once again that they don’t care about the fate of the Syrian people.



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