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High Negotiations Committee finds it impossible to herd with the other opposition platforms

Monzer Makhous, an official from the Syrian opposition’s High Negotiations Committee, claimed there are significant differences between the Committee and other opposition platforms, and therefore their association is impossible. However, he added that the delegation of the HNC was ready to cooperate and coordinate its actions with them.

In turn, Spokesman of the Moscow Platform of the Syrian opposition, Hamzeh Monther stated that the group continues efforts to build one delegation of Syrian opposition for the Geneva talks, as it is required by resolution 2254. In addition, he noted that the delegations should be primarily interested in development of the negotiations, and they should continue to fight against all terrorist groups in Syria.

At the same time a representative of the Cairo Platform, Jihad Makdissi expressed his willingness to cooperate with the HNC for the negotiations only on technical issues.

Of course, it is extremely important for the parties to come to a compromise as soon as possible, because it can positively affect the political settlement of the Syrian crisis in the future. It is obvious that without the formation of a unified opposition delegation it will be extremely difficult to improve the negotiation process with the official Damascus.

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