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The West is still thinking of imposing sanctions on Syria

On Wednesday, Permanent Representative of Britain to the United Nations, Matthew Rycroft at a briefing said that on March 8, UN special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, would report to the UN Security Council about the progress of the political settlement of the conflict, and about the outcome of the fourth round of the negotiations in Geneva.

According to him, this month it is planned to hold three meetings on Syria. He stressed that on March 22, the UN Security Council would continue to discuss the cases of the use chemical weaponry in Syria. Matthew Rycroft also said that Britain was planning to do everything for making the Syrian Army responsible for the use of that kind of weaponry.

Probably Rycroft expects that the EU will decide to impose new sanctions against Syria bypassing the UN Security Council under the pressure from the U.S.

Most likely, achieving their ambitions, some Western countries led by the United States try to slow down the process of political settlement of the Syrian crisis. Thus, it absolutely pointless to expect that Britain will lead to any positive results in the UN Security Council.

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