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Syrian State Flag was Raised over Palmyra Again

According to Inside Syria Media Center, after Syrian army under support of Russian air force again liberated Palmyra from ISIS terrorists, the state flag was raised over the historic citadel of Palmyra, which is the main symbol of ancient city.
The general assault started on the eve, when governmental forces managed to establish full control over Jabal Al-Tar and Jabal Hayyal heights that allowed Syrian army fire on positions of militants in and around the city.
The terrorists who were driven out from Palmyra tried to escape in the direction of Deir-ez-Zor, but they were shelled from mortars and artillery-type weapons.  It should be mentioned that the final part of offensive tool less than 24 hours.
The liberation of Palmyra will allow the Syrian army to expand military operation in Homs province and get ready for elimination of ISIS terrorists in other parts of Syria.

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